Reza Sharifi

Reza has been in IT industry for more than 15 years, of which 9 years in network infrastructure security. Worth highlighting is that almost all of his professional career has been in communication service provider environments, especially Mobile Network Operators.

As a Telecommunication Core Network and Security expert in leading telecommunication vendors e.g. HUAWEI, he has been involved in many nation-wide large-scale projects from design to implementation to operation.

Back in 2012 he was appointed to build a team of security experts to secure the entire mobile broadband core infrastructures of a leading mobile operator with over 50 million subscribers. The job was given to him because of his extensive experience and knowledge about core network technologies and also his security expertise, which was quite rare skill package to find in CSP environments at that time.

Besides the routine project management duties, he has led required operations in terms of Network Security Assessments, Network Hardening and Vulnerability Fixing, and Audits on production networks. Due to his performance and successes he has received many letters of excellence from customers and companies he worked for.

Since then, he has been providing the same services as Core Network Security Consultant and Adviser to other mobile network operators of different sizes and in different countries in the Middle-East.

Reza holds CCIE Service Provider and Routing & Switching (written), APIS Telecom Core Network Signaling, HUAWEI Advanced MPLS VPNs, and P1Sec Telecom Networks Security certifications.