Solving for regulatory compliance and alignment to industry frameworks continues to undergo massive change.

With the continued growth of stronger and more widespread threats, organizational leaders are being forced to deal with cybersecurity like never before. The openness of the Internet and new technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, mobile, and the Internet of Things gives enormous power to cybercriminals and makes cybersecurity both a technical problem and a business problem. The potential consequences of various threats have raised cybersecurity and regulatory compliance into the boardroom as two of the most major risks and costs.

Based on the strength in research and leading in securing emerging, business-enabling technology, Krypton will assist organizations with security and compliance with most control frameworks. Krypton reviews an organization’s control structure against these requirements and helps in the development of a strategy to mature and become compliant or certified. While most organizations may not be required to align, or certify to a standard, the practice is becoming a standard way to measure and mature an IT Security Program.

A current state readiness assessment is a critical success factor in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive risk and compliance-focused information privacy and security program. By performing a readiness assessment, organizations are able to leverage independent third-party risk and security expertise for strategic planning to expedite compliance efforts. Krypton provides a sound understanding of where your program is, where it should be, and specific recommendations for attaining compliance in alignment with strategic business objectives.


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