Telecom Services

Considering the ever increasing demands for high-quality [tele]communication services, Communication Service Providers (CSP), including Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in particular, are constantly investing heavily in their infrastructures to cope with subscribers’ demands.

While most CSP’s usually operate solutions provided by the major telecom and data-communication vendors, prior to any purchase they seek reliable consulting services to better dimension their needs and adopt the best strategy.  This is due to the fact that the related technologies in this domain are extremely complex and costly by their natures.

Krypton is your Partner to provide not only services regarding the Security-related aspects of this domain, but also the consultancy that may be required with regards to the evolution within this complex area.

Krypton Security will assist Telecom clients to identify the requirements, define and adopt the best strategy, develop the most effective roadmap, and select the better adapted solutions. Our specialized team of experts with focus on Carrier-level technologies and services will also supervise the implementation phase and provide the best training sessions.


Carrier Grade Security (CGS)

     Specialized team that provides end-to-end security solutions to protect Communication Service Providers’ (CSP) core networks against inside/ outside attacks. 


Carrier Grade Evolution (CGE)

     Provides consulting and advisory services to CSP’s to help them optimize and/or migrate from non-integrated, low-capacity infrastructures to cutting- edge integrated technologies. 


Carrier Grade Training (CGT)

     Delivers advanced vendor–neutral networking and security courses in domain of Carrier-level core network technologies using outstanding methodologies and taught by world-class instructors. 


The Krypton Approach & Methodology