Jayson E. Street

Jayson is a world renowned Social Engineering expert, with over a decade of experience in Information Technology Security. He is a published author and a regular guest speaker in IT Security conferences all around the globe.

Jayson is well versed in the ten domains of Information Systems security defined by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium ([ISC]2).

He specializes in intrusion detection response, penetration testing, and auditing. He also has a working knowledge of the implementation and administration of major firewalls, vulnerability scanners, and intrusion detection systems.

Previous to joining KRYPTON, he created and conducted security awareness training for major Internet banks, and has created security policies and procedures currently used by several companies. He also devised and taught a three day training course on Intrusion Detection Systems for government agencies.

Jayson holds many certifications including CISSP, C|EH, ECIH,GSEC, GCIH, IEM, IAM, and was chosen as one of Time’s persons of the year in 2006.