Kevin Richard

Kevin Richard is one of the Social Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) precursors in Europe.

For the past 7 years, prior to joining KRYPTON, he has been involved in creating and releasing new SEO & SMO techniques, organizing SEO contests, and developing the very first “Advanced SEO” training sessions, called "SEO High Level" with the participation of the best SEO operators in Europe.

Mr. Richard has been working with major companies all around Europe covering a large array of fields, and contributed to develop the notoriety of small businesses through exceptional, fast and sustainable SEO results.

He is a recognized pioneer in the E-Reputation field, ensuring that clients get effective and fast clean results in critical situations.

Mr. Richard offered training sessions to the largest companies in Europe and abroad to help them understand what are the up-to-date effective techniques that will make a website gain online visibility.

Such results are a bi-product of Mr. Richard’s strong technical profile (scripting Online Automation, Scraping, Web Proxying, Coding, etc…) and his continuous technical research & development in following every search engine’s updates and every groundbreaking techniques.